Hop, skip and dip

The summer holidays have begun and with it the challenge of entertaining the girls.  Money is tight at the moment and so I am looking at low cost ways to keep them entertained.  Staying at home every day simply is not an option as they would get fed up.  I decided to make the most of the weather and of our RSPB membership and head out for the day.  We headed to our local RSPB site Old Moor.

The girls love the freedom that Old Moor offers and the variety of wildlife.  The free pond dipping activity had the girls very excited

skipping with joy

There are several ponds at Old Moor for pond dipping and we went past the first two as they had a few other children pond dipping and instead opted for one of the quieter ponds.  The girls took it in turns to dip and were eager to catch some fish.  Unfortunately for us all we caught were water boat men.

the girls pond dipping

After catching all the water boat men in the ponds it was time for exploring Old Moor.  We found some lovely games to play including Leap frog and Hopscotch. 

playing hop scotch

We had a lot of fun pond dipping and exploring.  It was great to be outdoors and exploring nature

This day I love hop, skip and dip

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