Weekend Box

Almost a year ago we had a look at the weekend box. You can read our full review here.

A year later we were sent another box to have a look at. The girls a little older, would they enjoy it as much?

 opening our weekend box

The concept to the box is still the same, something to cook, make, explore and green. Our box had an Aztec theme to it and it was great for the girls to learn about the Aztec.

Our something to cook was hot chocolate, this is a firm favourite of the girls and went down very well given the cold weather we have had recently. We added marshmallows into ours, they are a favourite of the girls and a real treat.

We go to explore and learn more about the Aztecs inside the box, with mosaics to make and build our own stamps. The girls loved making the stamps and dipping them in the paint to create stamp pictures. Their favourite activity was making the Aztec birds.

creating mosaic

We were provided with powder paint in our box and everything we needed to make our birds, except from a card board tube. I could have rolled the box itself to form a tube but decided to just use a cardboard tube. The girls loved painting and sticking and soon made some great looking Aztec birds.

our aztec bird

The great thing about the weekend box is that it provides you with ideas and things to do with the kids. Especially on those afternoons after school or those rainy days. The girls love to get the weekend box out whilst I'm cooking dinner too, it's safe to say that even a year on they weekend box is a huge hit.

weekend box contents

You can even get a Weekend box free using the code LEYLA130.  Only 1 code can be used per household.  

We were sent a Weekend box to review, all words are my own personal opinion

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