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Finding ways to save water and in turn save money on my water bill is high on my priority list.  Yorkshire Water are helping their customers save money by giving away a free water saving pack, which you can order here.  Every pack that is ordered Yorkshire Water also donates 10p to Water aid.  Just exactly what is in the pack and can it help you save money.

The Save a flush helps to save 1.2Litres of water every time you flush and was simple to fit, and to be honest you notice no difference.  We could not use the Shower save because of the type of shower we have or the Tap aerator kit, as we have waterfall taps, but they do work by reducing the amount of water used.  The shower timer was interesting.  For every minute less spent in the shower you save £120 per year.  The timer is for 4 minutes.  We really struggled at this but are slowly reducing the amount of time in the shower.

We were also sent some Pledge cards to fill in about what we could do to save water.

Yorkshire water pledge cards

The girls and I sat down to talk about how we could save water and they came up with their own pledges which you can watch on my Instagram channel.  I loved that they thought of these themselves and my eldest took great care in writing them down

I pledge to

I would love to know if you have any tips for saving water and what your pledge would be

I was sent the water saver kit in exchange for this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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