Bathroom Design Ideas I'm keen To Try

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know my family and I have been in the long, sometimes arduous process of redesigning our home. We’ve found a lot of fantastic ideas, some of which i’ve already written about on ways to restyle it. While researching I found some great ideas on how to redo a bathroom. It might be useful to those of you who are struggling with making your bathroom a more stylish, comfortable place to be.

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Buy A New Bath

When you buy a new house, you’re often stuck with the white furniture in the bathroom that came with it. It’s not often that you buy a home where the previous owner has taken the bath with them! But, that doesn’t mean you have to be stuck with their old tub because you can still replace it. Their bath may not suit how you want the room to look, particularly if you are trying to save space. If you are looking to save some room, and make your suite look less cramped, buy a corner bath. These are perfect because they fit snuggly into the room and leave you plenty of space spare for other things. For instance, I always wanted to have a little chair in my bathroom. I think it’s quite a good place to sit and relax, particularly when it’s filled with steam.

Another extra tip is if you have kids, make sure you have a rubber safety mat on the bottom of your tub. This makes it less slippery and avoids accidents.

Upgrade The Shower

If you haven’t been keeping up to date with the latest styles in furniture you won’t know how luxurious showers have become. A shower used to be the poor man's wash choice but now a shower can be just as relaxing as a bath. There are many different designs to choose from including a wet room, for those who have difficulty with accessibility. You can see some of the different designs I’m talking about on

Of course if you are not looking to completely renovate the room, you could just upgrade your shower pump. This will give you a stronger spray of water that will make your morning shower a far more enjoyable experience.

Add Little Accessories

By adding small accessories to the room you can really bring out it’s best features. For instance, I saw an idea online of styling each room in your house with family photos that match the room. So, if your bathroom was blue like the ocean, you could have pictures on the wall from when your family visited the beach. You could also stick shells and pebbles around the pictures.

You could add a long mirror to one of the walls of your bathroom. This makes the space seem bigger and is quite useful when you are trying to look your best in the morning.

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