First time bowling

During term time I rarely get to spend quality time with my eldest.  These summer holidays I have made sure that 1 day a week my youngest attends nursery so I can have one on one time with my eldest.  She seems to be loving these days with me and each time I try to give her a new experience.  Last week was no different and I took her bowling

bowling day

My parents used to take me bowling when I was younger and I used to love it.  I remember for my birthday, I think my 12th?, my Dad took me to get my own personal ball which I still have.  I was very excited to take my daughter, she however was a little apprehensive. 

The bowling alley was dark and very noisy and she was a little scared.  I knew that she would enjoy it so we just sat and watched until she was ready to play.  Her first ball and she got a strike, that was it she was hooked.

flying high on the bowling alley

She would jump up and down with excitement as she bowled the balls, and whilst she sometimes used the ramp she also had a few goes at throwing the ball herself.  She didn't want to stop and even did most of my turns for me.  

We bowled together and I let her lead, let her tell me when she wanted my help or if she wanted to bowl by herself.  When she did bowl by herself I was more than happy to sit and watch her, I loved it when she would sit on the floor to watch the ball.

watching the ball

She has enjoyed it so much that she has asked to go bowling again next week!

This day I love First time bowling

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