A ravensburger Puzzler twitter party

Jigsaw and puzzles are a firm favourite in our house.  We often do a jigsaw late afternoon as a wind down technique for the girls before bed.  When we had our delivery for our Ravensburger Puzzles twitter party I was very excited.  The parcel contained a huge assortment of puzzles, everything from 3D puzzles which we have never attempted to giant floor puzzles.

We started with our giant floor puzzle, Alphablocks which was a huge hit before moving onto a Minions Vs Frozen competition,  It was a close call but Frozen won the day.

Colouring is always a fun part of our twitter parties and gives us chance for snack

One of the colouring activities was a little different as once finished we made them into our own jigsaws! This was loved by everyone and once the first one was complete the others quickly followed.  Since the twitter party the girls have been making lots of jigsaws

Before long it was time for the final part of the twitter party.  We opted to do the inside out jigsaw and actually missed the end of the twitter party on twitter because we were so engrossed in the jigsaw.  We might take our time to do jigsaws but we love them!

Our twitter party might have run on longer than the party on twitter but all our guests enjoyed themselves and loved the goodie bags at the end!

Thanks to Ravensburger for selecting us to be twitter party hosts and providing such amazing puzzles for the party.

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