A day out at Gulliver kingdom

Most of the school holidays it has rained so when we had a relatively dry day we decided to make the most of the weather.  My Mum treated the girls and I to a day out at Gulliver Kingdom.  Gulliver Kingdom in Matlock is a theme park for younger children and if I had to put an age on it I would say under 8s.  Everything is height based and your entry price is based on the height of your children.  This meant my youngest could go on the same rides as her sister, which were all but 3 rides in the park!

My eldest is a huge thrill seeker and much prefers roller coasters to the kiddy type rides.  Lucky for her there was a roller coaster she could ride and we went on it a few times.  My youngest wanted to go on the big wheel.  I am petrified of heights, and by petrified I mean I stand on a chair and I am scared of the height.  Gulliver Kingdom in Matlock is hilly, as Matlock itself is a very hilly place and with the big wheel on a hillside I was not too enthusiastic about this ride.  Needless to say when it stopped at the top I turned green.

After the fright from the height the girls jumped with fear when they spotted a dinosaur!

The only queues we encounter were in the dinosaur part of the park and as a result we didn't get to go on all of the rides.  Next time we will have to start here.  Our final part of the park was deliberate as it contained the log flume.  Neither girl had been on a log flume before and their comments on the way round of this is boring, and why are we sat in a boat had me giggling.  They soon got giddy when we started going up the ramp and then the scream as we plunged and splashed into the water below.  This was soon followed with cries of 'again!' to which we obliged.

The girls loved the log flume and I have a feeling we will be back to ride again.

This day I love a day out at Gulliver Kingdom

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