Partying Hard

School has finished for the summer holidays and you know that in the school holidays you will be turning 5.  The excitement builds each day as your birthday gets closer, until you wake up one morning surrounded by presents and cannot believe the day has finally arrived.

opening presents

After opening your presents it is time to get ready for your party.  You pick out your favourite dress  from George and put on your make up

putting on make up

Your guests arrive and are in awe of your beauty

Belle and Elsa

 Your guests come and party hard, they enjoy singing, dancing and of course some dressing up.  All this partying makes your guests very hungry and thirsty.  

party food

After food it is time for your cake which has been hand made by your Mum with ingredients from Asda.

birthday cake

With full tummies and having partied hard all day sleep soon follows as Sleeping Beauty rests her tired head.

sleeping beauty

All dresses, food and ingredients for cake have been supplied by Asda in exchange for this post.  All words are my own opinion. 

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