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Working with Huggies Pull-Ups has got me thinking back to potty training my girls. It has sparked numerous conversations with friends whose kids are of a similar age and as a group we have noticed a few common personalities

1. The toilet inspectors

This toddler has to visit the toilet of each establishment you enter as soon as you arrive. During the course of your visit they need to visit the toilets again to check they are not only still there but to a suitable standard. Upon visiting the toilet they will inspect each cubicle before making a decision as to which to visit. If non are deemed suitable they will recommence the inspection in 5 minutes to see if the situation has changed.

2. The hold it all day

These toddlers seem to have strong bladders. They hold it all day and will only need to go to a toilet when it is physically impossible to get to one, the motorway for example. These toddlers also have the ability to hold it even when presented with the toilet and will only go when they choose to.

3. The Goldilocks toddler

These toddlers know what they want. They either use the potty or the toilet but not both. They may have a favourite potty or toilet seat and will only use that one. They refuse to use a toilet seat because it is the wrong colour, shape or size. The potty is too big, too small, too hot or too cold. Working out which is right can be tricky but once you know they are easily pleased.

4. Hit and miss

These toddlers get potty training really quickly and then for an unknown reason decide they can no longer be bothered and go back to accidents. It becomes hit or miss as to if it will be a good day or a bad day, if they will be dry or not.

5. Place bets

This toddler is really clever. Bribery works really well. They are happy to use the potty or the toilet provided they have a reward at the end of it. Take the reward away and they refuse. Bribery is the key.

Whatever kind of toddler you have know that it is only for a short space in time. Perseverance is key, once you start potty training stick with it. It does get easier, although at the time it feels really hard and you wonder why you started. Accidents do and will happen and in a later post I shall be sharing some top tips for potty training and recognising the signs your toddler is ready.

If you think your little one is ready try Huggies Pull-Ups - they are specifically designed for potty training and have a new learning liner which gives a brief sensation of wetness before drawing the moisture away. This will help your little one understand the difference between wet and dry and help them on their potty training journey! In case you are wondering I had a toilet inspector and a Goldilocks toddler, what are yours?

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