After school sea adventures

Sometimes when the girls get home from school they are really tired.  They end up a little grumpy.  I myself am suffering with exhaustion, this pregnancy seems to be really taking it out of me.  I have been looking for ways to keep the girls entertained without tiring me out too much.  I came across a microwave play dough recipe which seemed perfect, play dough in 5 minutes,

I had some blue sand which I set up in one container and made some yellow play dough.  I added our Schleich sea animals and then let the girls play.

Our Schleich sea animals made for the perfect addition with our play dough and sand.  Many toys struggle in play dough but Schleich toys are easy to wipe clean and remove play dough from, the bright colours always stay looking like new.  

The girls wasted no time in getting stuck in.  Blue sand soon got mixed with the play dough giving it a sparkly look.  The animals got buried in the sand or hidden in play dough.

Imagination and conversation flowed as different stories unfolded and different characters added.  From the shark protecting the boat to the cheeky dolphin.

The Schleich animals soon migrated across the beach to another sea and the girls had them swimming in the sink.  Just goes to show how versatile Schleich toys are, to be able to be played with in sand, play dough and water.

With hindsight sand might not have been the best choice to have for low energy play as the clean up took a while, the girls thoroughly enjoyed their after school activity and the microwave play dough was a huge hit. 

This day I love after school sea adventure

Our Schleich toys were provided in exchange for a review. 

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  1. Thank you so much for the link! So glad to hear the playdough recipe was a hit and love the way you used it! :) :) :)


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