Dreaming of a....

My eldest has now gone back to school and my youngest has started school, the house is a little quiet during the day.  Whilst they are at school and after I have got my jobs done I start day dreaming of a holiday next year.  The decision I am facing at the moment is beach or city?

The girls loved spending time on the beach on our recent holiday to Portugal.  The beaches in the Algarve were stunning.  Plenty to explore some quiet and others busier.  Many featuring delightful sea food restaurants and of course gorgeous ice cream in the warm sun.

The girls also had an amazing time visiting the different cities when we went on a Disney Cruise.  The different cultures and sites created some once in a lifetime memories for the girls.

To help me in my decisions I have been using a new tool from Holiday gems.  It looks at the best beach and best city breaks and gives me up to date information, including the cost of a holiday in order for me to make an informed decision.  

So which are you a city slicker or a beach dweller? 

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