Three Favourite Activities To Do With Kids

Having 2 children and working freelance it can often be hard to juggle work life balance.  I always find it important to spend time with my children and try to spend as much time with them as I can.  I want them to have fun, and I want to be there sharing the fun with them! In my opinion, you should always be looking for activities to do with your kids. Here are three favourite things to do with my children: 


Nothing says ‘super fun time’ quite like baking. It’s the ultimate mother-kid activity to do. Baking is so enjoyable because your kids really get into it. I think it’s partly because baking can be messy, and kids love to make a mess. They’re always getting told off for being messy, so when they get to do a messy task, they love it! There are so many amazing things you can bake with your children too. With the cold seasons approaching, why not consider baking some gingerbread men? It’s amazing seeing them get so excited when you pop the treats in the oven. And then they sit there staring at it, waiting for the baking to be done! It’s adorable, and something you must do. 

youngest baking


Gardening is a wonderful little activity that can be done whenever it’s nice outside. Why limit yourself to indoor fun when there’s loads of stuff outdoors. What’s great about gardening is that it lets you spend time with your kids but also do up your garden. So you’re getting two benefits out of one thing! When you’re gardening with kids, you can plant all kinds of cool things but my favourite choice is fruit. You can buy fruit trees that have been grown a little bit already in a fruit tree nursery. This means you don’t have to plant it from scratch, so it can save a little time. You just plant the fruit tree in the soil, let your little ones water it and watch it grow. Plus, you’ll end up with lots of fresh fruits to feed the kids!

Bike Rides

I’ll stick with the outdoor theme and choose bike rides as my next suggestion. Going on bike rides with your kids can be super fun and good for you! You’re all getting fresh air, and it can keep you fit as a family. Also, you can ride to loads of cool places and have a nice little day out with your kids. It’s the perfect way to spend time with them while keeping them active and healthy at the same time. If your children are too small to ride their own bike, then I have a couple of suggestions for you. Firstly, you could get them a little tricycle or a bike with stabilisers. This will make it easier and safer for them to ride along. Or, you can get a child seat attached to your bike so you can cycle with them on board. 

A big part of motherhood is forming bonds with your kids. If you aren’t spending time with them, they can grow distant from you. it can be hard to find time if you’re working and they’re at school, but there’s always a way! These three activities are fantastic if you want to share experiences and have a good time.  What are your favourite activities? 

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