8 Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Property

We all want to squeeze the best possible price out of our homes. When we’re planning to sell, we know that every penny counts. The cost of moving is enormous, so you’ll want to boost the house value as much as possible. Perhaps you’ve bought a bargain property, and you’re looking for a way to refurbish it. Once updated, you can sell it on for a tidy profit! Or maybe you’re just looking for a quick and lucrative sale on your existing home. Whatever your strategy, here are plenty of tricks and techniques to help.

Property value is notoriously difficult to measure. House prices vary across the country, and are subject to all sorts of market forces. It’s clear that house prices are not rising by the staggering 10-15% per year they used to. So, in a decidedly unpredictable market, it’s up to you to take charge, and increase that value yourself! If you want to move up the property ladder, and land the house of your dreams, you've got to put in the work.

Some of the ideas of this list are simple and straightforward. Others might take some elbow grease and hard graft, but, they’ll all add value, and help secure a quick sale. 

1. Refurbish the kitchen

The kitchen is generally considered the heart of the home. Families are looking for a large space they can cook and get together. Most house buyers are looking for a quick and easy transition. They’re looking for a modern home with new appliances and features. That way, they know they won’t have to pour excess money into their new property. By making simple changes, you can instantly make the kitchen more appealing. Replace the taps with new alternatives. Paint the cupboards, and create additional worktop space where possible. A good kitchen will add up to 5% value to the house.

2. Bathroom

Second on the list is a quick bathroom remodelling. The reasons are fairly similar to the kitchen. House buyers are looking to move into a hassle free house. An outdated bathroom suggests they might have to spend money on repairs in the near future. It’s also a question of aesthetics. House buyers have come to expect a certain standard and finish when it comes to bathrooms. Modern fittings like taps, heated towel rails, and a power shower are essential. Expert real estate agents suggest that a modern bathroom will add up to 3% in value.

3. Structural problems

If you've ever bought property before, you’ll know that every buyer conducts a structural survey. They’re looking to make sure that everything is safe and secure in their prospective home. Again, they don’t want to make large, expensive repairs after they move in. Failing this structural survey is the single biggest reasons why house exchanges fall through. To make sure yours goes smoothly, fix any structural problems ahead of time. This includes any roof damage, rising damp, and timber problems. A clean bill of health is worth a lot of money to buyers.

4. An extension

Taking on an extension is a serious project, but it is - by far - the most lucrative option. By adding an extra room, you stand to add up to 12.5% of value to the property. Turning a three-bedroom home into a four-bed makes a huge difference in value. The most lucrative extension is an attic conversion. Although you can easily add an extra bedroom with a basement or garage conversion. Another option is installing a sunroom or conservatory. We’ve seen some beautiful sunroom designs that will add space and light to your property. Expect a big bump in value when you build one of these.

5. Insulation and double glazing

One thing that homebuyers are very concerned about at the moment is running costs. As a nation, we’re also much more conscious of the environment, and our reliance on natural resources. With that in mind, potential buyers will always ask about the energy efficiency of the house. You can boost the efficiency by installing new insulation and double glazing. It will keep the house cool in the summer, and warm in the winter. Best of all, it will reduce the bills for your buyers. That’s going to give you a quick boost over other houses on your street.

6. Curb appeal

Estate agents predict that prospective buyers make a decision about your property very quickly. Often within eight seconds of seeing the home. They picture themselves living there. They imagine parking the car in the drive, and entering the door. That means that first impressions are crucial when it comes to selling. Start by painting and repairing the front aspect of the house. Replace the fixtures on the front door, and repaint that too. Tidy up the garden, if you’re lucky enough to have one! Finally, make sure the driveway and paving looks perfect. This could be the one thing that seals the deal!

7. The garden

If you’re selling a family home, the garden is one of the most important aspects. Parents are looking for a large space for their kids to run around in. They’re also looking for an outdoor area to socialise and invite friends over. Invest some time in maintaining the lawn, and making it look presentable. Put some garden furniture out, so prospective buyers can imagine sitting out and socializing. A good garden is often the deciding factor for families of all ages, so make sure yours makes a good impression.

8. Fix superficial problems inside

When it comes to buying property, beauty is often skin-deep. Some buyers will look past any worn out wallpaper or squeaking doors. Others will use it as an excuse not to buy, or they’ll try to force the price down. Go around your house, and fix all the simple, superficial defects. It will give the entire home a more professional look. Remember, first impressions are essential!

Follow these 8 simple ideas, and you could squeeze the most amount of value from your property. You’ll also secure a quick and smooth sale. Good luck!

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