Weeks 16 - 20

These past few weeks seem to have flown past.  The nausea in the mornings has subsided but to be replaced with heart burn in an evening, seemingly I cannot win on this one.  

Week 16

I was supposed to meet my midwife this week but she is on long term sick.  Instead I met one of the team.  The whole appointment lasted around 5 minutes and I felt rushed.  She didn't really ask me anything and assumed everything was OK.  She listened into the babies heart beat which I would love to say was wonderful but I barely registered the sound before she told me to get up and that was it.  I left feeling a little deflated.  Cravings for melted cheese have increased to astronomical levels.  The weird paracetamol taste has begun to disappear.  I managed a few runs this week and ended with a 10K at the Great Yorkshire run.

Week 17

Not feeling as tired this week, which has given me a boost to get out and about more.  Still no movement felt, hoping it won't be much longer

Week 18

I have had a bit of an up down week.  Going from feeling fantastic to feeling exhausted.  My biggest achievement this week was completing the Yorkshire Marathon.  No more long runs for me until after pregnancy.

Week 19

The week has been emotional.  Apparently I suffered from Post race blues and accompanied with hormones has left me randomly bursting into tears and feeling rather down.  After the marathon it took me 3 days to recover and so I spent most of the week in bed.  I think this also helped combat tiredness and any other symptoms I may have felt.

Week 20

The return of heartburn, and the maternity clothes.  I will admit to giving in and putting the maternity trousers on.  Thing 3 seems to have had a growth spurt this week.  Really looking forward to the scan

Cravings - Corned beef, garlic, cheese
Longest run week 16 -20 - Marathon
Clothes - Started wearing maternity trousers at 20weeks
Movements - Not felt any movements to date. 
Anything to note - If I lie on the left I get very bad heart burn, but not on the right! 

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