Feeling Nostalgic

Yesterday I received three wonderful packages which were all for Thing 3 and will be sharing those soon.  It got me thinking about the girls as babies and when we moved into our house.  My eldest moved into the larger of the bedrooms as my youngest bedroom is closer to the master bedroom, and was therefore easier as a nursery.

When we moved into the house both girls had bright pink bedrooms.  Which were fine but not really to our tastes.  The girls were both under 2 and so had not really developed likes or dislikes yet, other than a love for Mr Tumble and playing outdoors.  I decorated my eldest bedroom in natural colours and to reflect the outdoors.  This was over three years ago and it is now time to match her growing needs.

She is now a strong confident little girl with a love for fairytale, princess and the outdoors.  I am wanting to update her room so that it grows with her and lasts for a few more years.  The room is in need of a refresh, but I do not want something that is going to date quickly.  I am not wanting to update the furniture simply give the room a refresh.

This week it is National wallpaper week and this has had me thinking about wallpapering her room. I have been searching for something that the whole room will be able to take rather than a feature wall and some paint.  I also do not want something that is too grown up, and yet also not too childish at the same time.  I would like to keep those happy memories of childhood along with all the things she loves.  I stumbled across some wallpaper from Graham and Brown called fairytale garden and it looks perfect

I am going to decorate the room as a surprise and whilst she is at school.  I cannot wait to see her reaction at her new updated room, at the same time am also feeling quite nostalgic that my little girl is growing up!

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