A Guide To Make Moving Home Comfortable For Your Young Family

Preparing to move into a new home is an exciting time. However, the process is a big upheaval for any homeowner. If you’re a parent of young children, it’s crucial to recognise the impact it could have on them too.

For a child, moving home means leaving behind everything they know. It can be a very scary time in their young lives, but you can make it easier for them. Moreover, reducing the stress for them will inevitably remove some of the stress for you.

Here are a few tips to ensure the transition from one property to the other runs as smoothly as possible.

Get The Children Excited

Deep down, you know that the move is best for everyone. In time, the children will grow to love their new home. As loving parents, though, it’s imperative that you allow this to happen as quickly as possible.

As soon as you’ve confirmed a deal on the place, you should be quick to build the excitement by getting involved. Show them the photos of their new bedroom space and get them to start thinking about how it could be designed.

Meanwhile, you can use the garden space and other fun areas of the home to increase the anticipation.

If all else fails, you can sweeten the deal by promising them a new toy. They’ll soon make the connection between moving and getting the present. It's only a small trick, but it can work wonders.

Appreciate The Fresh Start

Moving into a new property is the perfect opportunity for the family to begin a fresh chapter. You shouldn’t forget the previous chapter completely. Nevertheless, it’s important to appreciate the chance to reorganise your lives.

We’re all guilty of collecting a number of needless items over the years. Getting rid of the junk will make the process of moving easier as you’ll have less stuff to take to the new home. Meanwhile, it’s a great way of getting the children to wave goodbye to the old home in a healthy manner.

In fact, you could sell unwanted items at a garage sale and let the kids spend the takings on new toys once you’ve moved. It’s important to keep hold of sentimental items, especially for the children. After all, you don’t want them to feel totally alienated by the new home. Nevertheless, this opportunity to declutter is far too good to turn down.

Quite frankly, it’s one of the most important steps of the entire preparation.

Say Goodbye In Style

The moving process is one that has to be handled with care. One of the most important aspects is to provide closure on the current situation. Achieving this will make the transition to a new home far quicker and smoother. Moreover, it teaches them to have positive memories about their first location.

Taking the children to their favourite places one last time is advised. Once you’ve settled in the new area, you can take them to new ones. Or if you aren’t moving too far away, you could even help them get familiarised with the new area before you’ve even moved.

The biggest thing they are leaving behind, though, is friends. Allow them to have one last sleepover. That’s a memory that they will treasure dearly, especially in the immediate aftermath of the move.

Plan For Moving Day

Your primary concern will always be the children. However, it’s important not to forget the importance of your role throughout the moving process. A word of warning: if not handled properly, moving day could be one of the most frustrating in your life.

Failure to prepare is preparation to fail. It is as simple as that, and you should be thinking about removal van hire weeks in advance. Booking early will avoid disappointment while also giving you a far greater chance of negotiating a decent price.

Moreover, you want to accept that having children in your company is not a good idea on the day. No matter how well behaved they are, they will get in the way. This is the last thing you need at this stressful time. Hire a babysitter or send them to a family member for the day.

Believe us, this will allow you to be far more productive.

It’s Not A Race

Moving day is stressful. But you can reduce a significant amount of those frustrations simply by realising you don’t have to do everything at once.

Leaving some items in self-storage will allow you to concentrate on getting the basic foundations in good order. After all, it will take some weeks to get the new property in top condition. Rather than trying to do it all at once, completing the process in bitesize chunks is less stressful for both you and the children.

One area that you should look to decorate immediately is the child’s bedroom. If you can get this sorted prior to moving in, it will make a huge difference. If not, it should be your priority. These design tips will be helpful.

If the bedroom can’t be used properly straight away, it’s vital that the internet and TV package is ready to go. Otherwise, you are going to be left with a very bored child. Not only is this bad news for you, but it can also have a negative impact on the speed of their settling period.


It doesn’t matter if you’ve moved 100 metres or 100 miles, moving into new surroundings can be difficult on the kids. Let’s face it, losing touch with friends can be difficult for you too.

Tech facilities like Skype can allow everyone to keep in contact with old friends. However, it’s equally important to start making new contacts at the earliest stage possible. No matter how upset your children were at leaving their old life behind, it’s important to remember their natural resilience. As long as you encourage new friends, they’ll be just fine.

You probably won’t want guests while creating the homely vibe. Once ready, though, you should encourage them to invite friends over. If nothing else, the excitement of showing off the new home will get help build a better relationship with it.

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