Halloween crafts and a spooky day out

The girls are very excited for Halloween this year.  They have eagerly been awaiting the chance to carve a pumpkin and make Halloween crafts.  We took a short trip to Tennants Garden Rooms to take part in their activity week, as I thought it the perfect day out for the girls.

Tennants Garden Rooms are in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, and whilst it was pouring with rain outside on the day we visited it was simply stunning.  The Garden rooms are a new development attached to the 150 year auction house and once inside we were in awe of the beauty of the building.  The girls could not wait to get started

The first thing the girls wanted to do was decorate a pumpkin.  My eldest wanted to do a cat and my youngest a spider.  I let them create the components themselves and only gave them a helping hand cutting sticky tape or holding things whilst they added glue!

I am actually really proud of the girls pumpkins and just love what their imagination created.

Next up was some Halloween crafts, the girls made bats, spiders and ghosts.  They took their time with potato stamp painting and enjoyed making worms with play dough.  No Halloween craft session though can be complete without making a witches hat.

The girls then spotted the face painting table and rushed over eagerly to have their face painted

A few minutes later and we had one cat and one bat

 Our final activity was a Halloween treasure hunt.  

Hidden in the auction cabinets were pumpkins with letters.  10 pumpkins to make a 10 letter word.  The girls began their search

Climbing the spooky staircase to search high

and searching the bottom of the cases to search low

We managed to find all 10 letters but would we be uncovering a trick or a treat?

The girls had a wonderful day with Tennants and have asked when they can go back again.  I think we might have to go back at Christmas as I think the girls would love it!

This day I love Halloween crafts and a spooky day out

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