Milkshake Fantastic Fun

Sometimes I will admit to turning to the electronic baby sitter after school.  Lately I have had a lack of energy and my youngest has not been sleeping well, so cuddle time on the sofa it is.  In an attempt to break the norm from the girls watching the same show on repeat I opted for Milkshake Fantastic Fun DVD.  
Milkshake Fantastic Fun is a bumper packed DVD containing all the best loved Milkshake characters and in my youngest daughters opinion is amazing!

The episodes on Milkshake Fantastic Fun are:

Peppa Pig – Join Peppa, the cheeky, lovable little piggy as we follow her adventures with her brother George, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig and all their friends. Peppa loves dressing up and playing games – and jumping up and down in muddy puddles! In Hide and Seek Peppa thinks that George is too easy to find.

Thomas & Friends – All aboard for more fun with Thomas and his trusty pals Edward, Gordon, Henry, James, Percy Spencer and, of course, The Fat Controller. In Spencer's V.I.P, after the bigger engines tease Edward for being old and unreliable, he proves them wrong when he rescues Gordon who is stuck on a hill.

Paw Patrol – the hero pups of the Paw Patrol help solve the everyday problems of the people of Adventure Bay. In Pups and the Kitty-Tastrophe, Ryder and the Paw Patrol rescue a lost kitty from the bay, but who will save them from all the mayhem that she causes?

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom - Young fairy princess Holly and her best friend, Ben the Elf, live in the Little Kingdom, a tiny land where flowers and grass rise above the tallest towers. In The Party chaos ensues when the twins invite their little friends to the castle for a birthday party.

Fireman Sam – help is never far away for the residents of Pontypandy with hero Fireman Sam around. In Escape from Pontypandy Island, when the Pioneers go to Pontypandy Island, they are in such a rush to explore the island, they do not pull their boat up safely and it drifts off.

Chloe’s Closet – four-year-old Chloe Corbin has a very special secret – a magical closet which transports her, her friends and her toys to magical worlds. In Musical Chairs, Chloe, Lil and Mac travel to an Indian jungle where they help Miss Elephant learn how to be gentle when she plays with her smaller friends.

Bananas In Pyjamas – there’s always laughter and fun with the Bananas and the characters of Cuddlestown. The Teddies, Rat in the Hat, Topsy the kangaroo, Charlie the monkey and wise old dog Bernard join their singing yellow friends. In We Love Cuddlestown, the Bananas are helping everyone to decorate their houses, but where are their own decorations?

Little Princess – Created by Tony Ross, Little Princess is very curious and delightfully stubborn when things don't go her way! Determined and often demanding no-one can stay angry with her for long. In Sports Day, the Little Princess is less than delighted to discover that her teammates are Scruff and the Admiral. But which team will win?

Olly The Little White Van – Olly is a helpful Little White Van who with his driver Stan, comes to the rescue of the residents of Bumpton. In Bumpton Rally Olly and Bazza take part in the Bumpton Rally but they both become stuck when Olly tries to help Bazza after he takes a short cut.

Wanda and the Alien – based on the popular books by Sue Hendra about accepting differences and sharing, Wanda makes a new best friend – an alien. In Non-Pop Bubbles  
Wanda is showing Alien how to blow bubbles. He has never seen bubbles before, and doesn't want them to pop! 

Toot the Tiny Tugboat – Life on the high seas is a whirl of fun and adventure when you’re a little boat with big ideas. An energetic tug in his first year of service, Toot works and plays with his ocean-going friends. In Toot's Talent Contest, Toot hosts a talent  contest but Pop the ocean liner doesn't know what his talent is. Can the other boats persuade him he has a very special talent?

Lily’s Driftwood Bay - Driftwood Bay is a special island that exists in the imagination of Lily, who creates a world of adventure and friendship from different treasures she finds washed up on the beach. In The Dance-Off Lily and her friends help Salty prepare for a  dance challenge at the Driftwood Bay ceilidh.

Toby’s Travelling Circus – Roll up! Roll up! Toby is the best circus ringmaster in the world and is joined on his adventures by his band of circus performer pals. In If the Boot Fits, the search is on for the culprit when someone steps in wet paint and walks all over the new circus poster.

Dora and Friends – Dora the young adventurer now lives in the city of Playa Verde, a beautiful metropolis by the sea. She and new friends Alana, Emma, Kate, Naiya and Pablo explore the city, searching for portals to magical worlds full of surprises and challenges to overcome. In We Save a Pirate Ship! Dora and her friends have to rescue an old ship in order to save the Pirate Festival, but some crafty pirates want to take its treasure.

Milkshake dvd

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