The vintage collection and indulging Thing 3

I am not bothered what anyone says, my Mum is the best cook ever.  She is so creative in the kitchen and everything she cooks tastes delicious, I do miss my Mums cooking. My Dad is also a great cook, he makes amazing cakes, particularly his apple and cinnamon cake [Yes Dad that is a hint] and one of my early childhood memories is walking in to the kitchen and watching him juice apples and carrots.

Thing 3 seems to have a real craving for corned beef, no idea why but I just cannot stop eating corned beef, oh and garlic!  Food always seems to have a memory or an association with it.  Chips remind me of my Granddad who really did make the best chips and stew reminds me of my Grandma.  Thing 3 love for the traditional food has got me reminiscing.

Inspired by a love for the past and a passion for tradition Prestige have launched a vintage range.  The vintage range oozes tradition.  The 19cm saucepan is crafted from steel and coated with enamel making it perfect for cooking both on the hob and suitable for oven cooking too.  

With the promise of stain resistance and easy cleaning I decided to indulge in Thing 3 desire for corned beef and make a corned beef hash.

The pan was light weight and had a great depth meaning I could add lots of ingredients to the Corned beef hash.  Thing 3 was very happy.

Whilst the saucepan is dishwasher safe, it was so easy to clean that I could wash up with ease.

I feel with the colder weather coming I shall be cooking lots of soups in my Prestige pan.  I also have my eye on the rest of the collection, particularly the milk pan for making hot chocolate!

Thanks to Prestige for sending the saucepan for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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