My Essential items for the Second trimester

The end of the second trimester is a little bit of a grey area.  Some people say it is 24 weeks, others 26 and a few say 28.  Personally I think around the 28 week mark.  I am not quite there yet but I thought I would put together a list of items that I have found really useful in the second trimester

A few weeks ago I started using a Dreamgenii.  It has been an absolute life saver and one I would highly recommend.  Perhaps the essential item.  The Dreamgenii is an award winning pregnancy pillow that helps you to lie on your left side.  

If you are like me almost the second I entered the second trimester I began having problems sleeping.  I am not talking about the numerous night time bathroom trips but the uncomfortable aches and pains, the inability to get comfortable and the general tired and restless legs.  Dreamgenii has really made a difference to my sleep, although I do still get up to visit the bathroom several times.

Dreamgenii is a unique shape, so when you turn over you don't need to take the pillow with you.  An extra bonus is that due to its shape it does not take up a lot of room in the bed.  I have noticed as my bump has got bigger it has started acting as a support for bump too.  It also has stopped me from rolling onto my back in my sleep.

I am not suffering with Hip displacement and torn abdominal muscles.  I have been using dreamgenii as a back/lumbar support when sat on a chair and in bed it is really helping with the pain that I feel.  

Cool It Mama is an aromatherapy face and body spray from the Natural birthing company.  After completing my marathon at 18 weeks pregnant I used this spray as a way to cool me down and bring calmness, it was so refreshing.  Now though I spray it on my tired and swollen feet to cool them down after the school run.

The spray is really light and refreshing and acts as a calming mist.  Perfect for using in the night too.  I often wake up feeling hot when pregnant and this is a great way to cool things down.  Knowing how hot I get in labour this is also going to be one of my essential items in my hospital bag.

Derma Mum Stretch Mark Cream 500ml

I have really sensitive skin, certain well known brands make my skin peel and the majority of oils make my skin itch.  Derma Mum is one of the few which my skin can tolerate.  It has a lovely rich feel and a little goes a long way.  I have come to the conclusion that stretch marks are in your genes, but using cream can help reduce them. [If you are going to get them you will regardless of the cream you use].  

Derma Mum really works for me.  It is non-greasy, soaks in quickly and whilst I apply twice a day I am half way through the tub I bought at the start of the pregnancy, so it really does last.  It also has little to no smell to it which is another bonus.


Second trimester sees there return of heart burn.  Whilst you can get some antacid on prescription my personal favourite is Tums, which I buy over the counter!  I cannot get through the second trimester without them!

Bump support

As bump gets bigger I would really recommend investing in a good bump support.  It really does help with the aches and pains that start to creep in during the second trimester.

Jo Bananas

Jo Bananas have been a little bit of a life saver for me.  I have a piercing in my tummy button and as my tummy stretches I need to change the bar.  Jo Bananas was the only place that I could find that offered flexible plastic bars suitable for use in pregnancy.  I purchase several sizes when pregnant with my eldest and have used them in all 3 pregnancies!  

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