Lay it or Break it!

Lay it or break it is a rather fun and fast paced game from Sambro.  The game is for 2 players who compete to get as many eggs as they can in their nest.  

The girls were keen to play and began to set up the game.  Set up is straight forward but the girls did struggle to put the eggs together.  Some of the eggs seemed to go together a lot easier than others but it did not take too long for us to set things up.

The girls placed the frying pan with the eggs in the centre of the room and then an equal distance on opposite sides of the pan they placed their nests.  Next they put on their beaks and I clipped the magnetic chickens to their backs.  They were ready to play.

The girls lined up next to their nests ready to get going

Soon they were off and racing over to the frying pan.  They had to bend down and pick up one of the eggs using the magnetic chicken on their backs.  Then carefully get the egg back to the nest without it breaking.  Our eggs kept falling off the magnet though

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Never mind, we kept trying.  We ended up playing our own game and simply laughing every time the egg fell off.  The girls found this much more fun and were giggling quite a lot by the end of the game.  My floor was covered in egg!

Lay It Or Break It  is a fun interactive game and you have to be prepared for the fall of the eggs.

Thanks to Sambro for sending Lay it or break it to review, all words are my own opinion 

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