Feeling like a VIP!

Those rare emails you get that you read, cannot believe it, read it again and then think it cannot be real.  Then you get a confirmation email and you realise that actually this is happening.  That happened to me recently when I had an email inviting me to VIP party at WWE Live.  Not only was I getting to watch WWE, I was watching Monday night Raw Live and attending a VIP party.  I was a little over the moon.

The evening started at the VIP party which was just fantastic.  I cannot begin to describe the evening and Thing 3 even got to meet some of the superstars.

My friends and I mingled, chatted and had a really good time.  The evening seemed to fly by but it was soon time for the main event.  Raw!

The event was been shown live and as a result there were a few commercial breaks but this just added to the atmosphere.  Thing 3 seemed very happy and so was I.  I was watching WWE, and loving it.  I even got to see some of my favourite acts.

As the last match came on I began to feel a little sad that the night was coming to an end.  It had been such an amazing evening that I wanted more.  It was almost as if WWE had read my mind as they delivered one of the most amazing and unforgettable experiences of my life.

To this day I still cannot believe I have achieved a childhood dream of mine to see the Undertaker live.  He is an absolute legend and I had chills when his theme tune played.  We all looked at each other and said 'No way!'.

My two little wrestling buddies were missing as it was far too late for them, I got home at 1am.  When they woke up though they were very excited and happy with Mummy WWE goodies that they would not take them off!

It was a truly amazing experience and one which I will never forget.  Thank you so much WWE! 

This day I love feeling like a VIP!

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  1. Oh wow! How amazing! I am so jealous! I love The Undertaker!
    It sounds like you had the best time x

    1. It was just fantastic, to see the Undertaker was a childhood dream come true and it was everything you can imagine and more


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