Keeping the magic alive

My girls seem to be growing up rather quickly and whilst I love watching them develop I want to keep some aspects of their childhood for as long as possible.  One of these is a belief in Father Christmas.  

My eldest at 5 has had a few more questions this year about Father Christmas but one of the ways we keep the magic alive is a special video and phone call from Father Christmas every year.  We use PNP, Portable North Pole, to help keep the magic alive.

I first used PNP when my youngest was born, so my eldest would have been 2.  I love the change in the videos each year but how they still keep the magic alive.  Be warned before your watch them that if you are a little hormonal they will make you cry, as you see your little ones face light up. 

You specially tailor the video for your child, selecting if they are on the naughty or nice list.  You can even have Father Christmas talk to them by name, although this is only available for certain names.  With a gold pass bundle you can also download unlimited HD video from Santa and you can have unlimited premium video messages with 15 personalisation.  Although in the past I have used the free version which has five personalisation, I would much rather pay the extra to make it that extra bit special.

Within the personalisation of the video you can include things like their siblings names, what they would like for Christmas and photos.  You can even include the names of their friends from school.  Premium videos have a range to choose from including one from the sleigh, prefect for Christmas eve.

The videos are a lovely way for children to see the magic.  One year I created one for the girls Dad and they found it very funny that Father Christmas had put Daddy on the naughty list.  Last year my eldest did not believe me that Father Christmas was watching her and so I used one of the phone calls from Father Christmas for him to call her.  Her face was magical.  Her behaviour changed and then a few days later we watched her video which said she was on the nice list.  She was very happy with this and continued to behave.

PNP has become a tradition in our house and is a wonderful way to help keep the magic alive in children.

PNP also donates 5% of all online sales to 40 children’s hospitals across the world – 4 based in the UK.

This year we have been gifted a gold package, but in previous years I have paid to use PNP.  All words are my own opinion. 

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