My brave girl

When the letter arrived a few weeks ago I was filled with nerves.  I knew that my youngest would react in one of two ways, and I was not sure which.  The letter came to inform me that her vaccinations were due.  I decided not to tell her until today and told her that she was going to have some special medicine to stop her getting very poorly.  She was told that Mummy, Daddy and her sister had already had theirs and she seemed to just take it in.

She was very excited at the Dr surgery and ran down the corridor after the nurse.  My youngest sat on my knee and listened to the nurser intently.  Not one flinch or look of fear, and when she was asked to take off her coat did so with speed.  I was not sure she fully understood but as the first injection occurred she didn't even flinch.  She was a little apprehensive turning around for her second injection but did so and didn't flinch again.  

When it was all over she jumped off my knee and picked her sticker, then asked me if we could go get cake.  There were no tears, no screams not even a look of shock or sadness.  She did tell the nurse it hurt a little bit and was told to wiggle her fingers.  

My youngest could not wait to show her sister and her Dad her two plasters and has been telling everyone how brave she is.  She has asked if she can keep her plasters on her arm for show and tell on Friday!

This day I love my brave girl

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