Winter Home improvement wish list

As the cold dark nights begin to draw in you remember all those little jobs that were on your to do list that got forgotten about over Summer.  Most on my list are jobs that can wait until next year and are often nice to haves rather than must haves.  After living in the house for 3 years I am beginning to see the end in sight.  It is the big things we have left now, and those which will get done at some point.

New Windows

I would love to put some new windows and a new front door in our house.  Not because I dislike the ones that are currently there.  More because I would like to make the house more energy efficient.  Some of the windows have a few little drafts which could do with sealing but other than this they should last this winter

A New dining table

We are thinking of hosting Christmas this year, and with the arrival of Thing 3 next year we are doing to need a new table.  I would love a solid wood table as I much prefer the look of them, but there are also some other differences between solid wood and veneer tables.

Infographic Design By Log Furniture Place

Log Burner

The top of our wish list for some time has been a log burner.  We have the space in the front room for one, as the previous owners had one but they took it with them and left us with an electric fire.  We love the look and feel of them.  How they make the house more welcoming, especially in winter.  Not to mention how fuel efficient they are.

I am hoping that next year we have ticked off at least one item on our Winter wish list.  What are the things on your Winter home improvement wish list?

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