My girls love to dress up and whilst they love to dress up as their favourite Disney Princess they also have been asking for their favourite superhero costumes.  The girls however know their superheroes and they know that Batman and Spiderman do not wear pink.  They are also fussy and refuse to wear the costumes that are in the boys aisle, because they are in the boys aisle.

This has left me in a bit of a tough spot.  There do not seem to be many costumes out there for girls that are superhero themed and yet keep the costumes feminine but close to the original costume.  Then we discovered Play and Party who came to our rescue.

The girls needed to dress up as superheroes for school and I was stuck.  I ordered the girls a costume each from Play and Party and the next morning it arrived.  I was amazed.  It was a true next day delivery service and the girls had their costumes ready for Superhero day at school.

The girls love their superhero costumes.  They stay true to the original superhero and yet have a feminine touch to them, which is what the girls wanted.  No pink, the correct colours and both girls knew exactly who they were.  Ok Supergirl had the addition of Hello Kitty but my eldest loved this!

The girls come home from school and immediately put on their superhero costumes and then run around the house pretending to fly.  It is so lovely to watch them play and use their imaginations like this.  

The girls are over the moon with their costumes and this makes me really happy too.  Thank you Play and Party for making the girls incredibly happy.

If you would like your very own superhero or fancy dress costume from Play & Party I have a 10% discount code.  Use ILOVE10 at the checkout! 

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