Glitz and Glamour

Having spent the past few weeks in the house it was decided that a well earned family day out was in order.  First things first though, we had to wait for the plasterers to finish.  The ceiling in the front room has now been repaired and we can at long last paint the front room.  That is next week job.  They were really quick and efficient and we took the girls out in time for lunch.

Well we told the girls we were going out for lunch but actually we thought we would go bowling.  Not just any bowling we decided to visit the recently refurbished Hollywood Bowl in Leeds.  We were treated to a VIP bowling lane, which features luxury leather seats and coloured pins! Ours were pink

The girls wasted no time in getting started and to start us off my eldest bowled a strike!  She couldn't stop jumping and I ended up with some blurry photos

My youngest sat patiently, I think planning her next move

My eldest was soon up again and this time got a spare, it seemed pink pins suited her

My youngest seemed to be admitting defeat and consoled herself in a milkshake, they were rather tasty

I could not bowl for health reasons, but had so much fun watching the girls and seeing the excitement when they knocked over the pins

The final scores.  My youngest came third with 77, Daddy got 84 and my eldest a whopping 118!  She got her name on the leader board for the kids and I really wished I had taken a photo.  

After all the glitz and glamour of bowling there could only be one way to eat our lunch

The girls loved the American diner type theme and the glitz of Hollywood.  It was great to spend some time together as a family

This day I love Glitz and Glamour

We were invited to Hollywood bowl for 1 game and a meal in exchange for a post. 

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