The Duck in the Truck

After a morning at home I took the girls to our local RSPB to watch the performance of Duck in the Truck.  I had been in quite a bit of pain all morning and not really able to do much so this was a good opportunity for the girls to have some fun and enjoy themselves.  

The show was really interactive and had the girls laughing out loud and standing on their feet to join in.

The cast were really engaging and had their full attention for the whole performance.  The girls listened intently as we had to think of ways to help Duck get his truck out of the muck.  It turns out what you need are your friends and to be kind to your friends.

It was then the girls did something unexpected

I was caught a little by surprise at this but caught the end of the hug and them saying they were best friends.  I loved this moment between them.

This day I love the Duck in the truck

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