Happy Halloween

The plan for today was to run the 5K parkrun, however thing 3 is having other ideas.  I had to have an emergency appointment last week with the midwife as Thing 3 seems to be playing havoc with my muscles.  I have been referred to physio and due to the problems have an appointment in a weeks time.  No lifting and been advised to take it as easy as possible until my physio appointment.  Not to worry because I love my parkrun family and am always more than happy to volunteer.  Today's job, time keeper.

Celebrating Halloween in true style, the course was decorated and runners and volunteers could also come dressed up,  My youngest took this as the perfect excuse to come with me to running.  She was given the important job of cheering, waving and ensuring the finish tokens end up in the bucket at the end.

My eldest also came with me dressed as a witch, only thanks to a friend of ours she ran the course and seemed to be enjoying every part of it.

My eldest got a PB today and has asked to go again next week.  After a fantastic start to the day there could only be one way to end it, Trick or Treating.  

Happy Halloween from all of us and that includes Thing 3!

This Day I love Happy Halloween

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