Top 5 tips for preparing the car for Winter

The weather is really horrible at the moment.  Blustery wind and heavy rain showers.  They both make for hazardous driving conditions.  Whilst I am confident in my driving, I would much prefer to stay indoors than have to venture out in the wind and rain.

I am rather lucky that my Dad has a car garage, this means that when these hazardous driving conditions come around I have his expert advice to draw upon to make my car as road worthy as possible.  He certainly knows what he is talking about when it comes to the #CarCareClub.

Some of my Dad's top tips are:

1. Screen wash

Check screen wash levels and also make sure they are suitable for cold weather.  The concentration of different brands of screen wash varies and so it is important to make sure it is suitable for cold weather.  If not it could freeze causing damage to the car

2. Windscreen wipers

Have the windscreen wipers checked to make sure they are clearing the windscreen effectively.  Also worth checking for any damage and replacing if needed.

3. Tyres

Tyre safety contributes to more than 1200 road accidents and driving with defective tyres can result in penalties, such as £2500 and three points on the license. Ensure there is adequate tread and tyre pressure.  You could even consider purchasing winter tyres from Point S car tyre dealers if you live in an area that is prone to snow. 

4. Coolant and antifreeze

I always have my Dad check the antifreeze and coolant levels.  The last thing I want is to repair the damage caused by a frozen engine.  It is worth checking these or having a local garage check them for you.

5. Be prepared

If something does go wrong be prepared.  Have an emergency kit in the car which includes a hi-vis vest, torch, blanket and emergency triangle.  A tow rope and de icer are also helpful items to have inside the car.

My own tip is to always have food and drink in the car.  You never know when you might need it.  I also keep a hat in there and a portable charger so I know my phone is always charged.  What are your top tips for preparing the car for Winter? 

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