What a Performance!

After Christmas dinner we have a tradition in our house that we always play a board game.  In fact most of the evening after Christmas dinner is spent playing games.  We are always keen to play a game that the whole family can get involved in.  This can be a little tricky when catering for such a diversity of ages.

What a Performance! by Orchard Toys is one such game that anyone over the age of 2 can play.  In fact they could probably play if younger but you might need to adapt the game slightly.  That however is the beauty of What a performance! it can be adapted to suit different ages.

The set up for What a Performance! is minimal.  Everything is ready straight from the box, all you need to do is put the board itself together and you are ready to go.  Inside the box is a spinner, magic spy reader, counters, cards, dice, board and instructions

To get into the Christmas spirit the girls set up the table with a Christmas themed table cloth and we got ready to play.  The game has four counters, which means you could play as teams for a large family or individuals.

What a Performance! is very easy to understand and my youngest picked it up with no problems.  As you move round the board you have to carry out an activity as described on the card.  This can be anything from finding 5 items in the room beginning with a letter, to pretending to be a window cleaner.  The game is very interactive. 

The game helps my girls to build on their social skills by having to perform in front of family or friends.  Some of the tasks like finding things beginning with a certain letter is also great for the girls as they have to think about letter sounds and with the added time pressure this gets them thinking quick.  What a Performance! got my girls thinking and using their imagination which is such a lovely part of the game.

You can however choose not to do the activity and in this case you must carry out a forfeit.  The forfeits are hidden on the back of the cards and you need to use the special reader to uncover them

My eldest took great pride in reading the back of the cards.  It was great to see her practising her reading in such a fun way, and she loved how the special reader helped to make the words appear, as if by magic!

What a Performance! by Orchard toys, is our Christmas game for after Christmas dinner this year.  One for the whole family to get involved with.

Thank you to Orchard toys for sending us What a performance! to play.  All words are my own opinion. 

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