Christmas Crafts - Wallpaper stars

The girls and I love to do crafts together and of course making Christmas decorations is the perfect excuse for trying new crafts.  Prestigious textiles set us a challenge of making the following wallpaper stars

Not one to turn down a challenge the girls and I set to work.  Prestigious textiles kindly sent us a selection of beautiful metallic wallpapers to make our stars from.  The girls could not wait

What you need

Star shape template


1. On the back of your paper draw round your star template.  You can do as many stars as you choose and you can even do different size stars if you wanted to.

2. Carefully cut out your stars

3. On the back draw fold lines.  A line from each point to the opposite invert

4. Fold the stars.  Fold out from the points and in from the inverts.

Beautiful 3D wallpaper stars in 4 easy steps.  

The girls have done really well in making their stars and are really proud of their attempt.  We will be hanging them in the play room as decorations but they would also make lovely tree decorations.

Thanks to Prestigious Textiles for setting the challenge and for sending us the wallpaper to complete it.  

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