Make Your House A Home

Your house is much more than the four walls and the roof.  It is more than the bricks and the motar that go into make up your home.   Having that home feeling is a sign of comfort and release. It is the ability for you to come in and be with those you love. Being at home is safe and secure. It is your place and yours alone. You can be who you are here and it doesn't matter.

Similarly, there are days when you can make it sparkle and others when you can let it go a bit. There is something of you and your family here. You find your pets curling up on the couch the moment you leave. Have you ever wondered what it takes to make a house a home? And is there anything you can do to make it more so? 

It’s a matter of time.

I think that it’s true to say that time lived in a house will certainly leave its mark. I don’t just mean through the decades. I mean the personality that rubs off when you engage with family life. The activities and bits and pieces that get brought back from trips and travels. The photographs we start to collect, that build up on the surfaces and even walls. All of these add your personal touches. Even the marks and scratches that come with activities and accidents will tell their story. These are some things that only time can take care of, but maybe there are some things that we could do now to instantly bring that touch of home into our houses. A touch that is stylish and personal all at the same time.

Furnishings and fittings

These are the big stamps that we put on any room. A lounge space cries out for that feature piece of furniture that everyone can curl up on. You might have a well-loved couch or be considering upgrading. Think comfort as well as style. Home Space Direct has pretty much everything you need to bring that comfort factor into your home. The more we personalise a space, the more we own it. Couches and sofas no matter how old and preloved, come alive with throws and cushions. These are great for nestling up in and occasionally throwing around!

I quite like the idea of stretching out our family space to include the floor. A colourful feature rug is a good way to bring personality into a room. These look great on wooden flooring but they also serve just as well on top of fitted carpet. Floor cushions add extra seating as well as encouraging family play. The more furnishings we use, the more we soften the edges. The softer the edges, the greater the comfort factor.

Let beautiful colours surround you

Some colours are better than others at creating that welcoming feeling. White and brighter tones aren't a problem as they encourage light. One problem is they might show marks up easily. They do make a great backdrop for artifacts and other wall features that add character. Try and steer away from anything that is too bright and ‘in your face’ colour wise. You might also want to restrict your use of cool colours such as blues and greens. Soft, warm tones help that homely feeling and a good selection can turn a room around from being cold and unloved to warm and welcoming.

Texture is another way to allow touch and feeling to influence your choice of furnishing. There are some fabulous wall coverings that are softened almost to the feel of fabric. Have fun with tactile accessories. Have a fluffy cushion and a selection of gorgeous soft blankets for people to draw up and use.

The curtains you choose to use on your windows can add a real comfort factor. This is especially true at this time of year. Being able to draw floor length curtains not only keeps out the cold, but it also allows the warmth and intimacy you have created, to stay in the room.

Light your space with luxurious down lights and banish any harsh overhead lights. Instead, opt for lamps that you can alter and create intimate pools of light around the room

Your walls can be a family gallery

Your walls can be a place to show off your personality and bring a sense of family into the heart of your home. A great way to do this is display treasured artwork, or just allow your taste in pictures to create mood. Family portraits are great to have around and it can be worth getting some of your better pictures printed out and put into a good sized frame. It can be so nice to see the printed image rather than the digital version.

Storage spaces.

No one wants to live in a museum and some homes can seem a little sterile at times. It’s okay to allow your bits and pieces to spread around but you want to have handy and great storage solutions for the times when you want things tidied away. You also want to have things like board games accessible. They'll be easy to get out (and put away again). Create spaces for shoes and coats so they don’t clutter up your living space.

Personalise your space

Have things around you that reflect who you are. These are the books, the DVDs and the CD’s that you enjoy. All of these say something about you at the same time. It’s lovely to see your real personality shine through. You could have things that remind you of places you have travelled to. Vases, pottery and even random pieces of driftwood all tell a story. Stones, pebbles and feathers make colourful additions and touches.

Did your grandparents ever have a room that was saved for ‘best’ and special occasions? These rooms often have a cold and non lived in feel. Draw your family into shared real living space. It may be possible to for you to create separate areas, using lighting and even screens that will allow some members to have a quiet area, nook or alcove. It would be great to think that someone could be curled up with a book without being disturbed no matter what else is going on.

Encourage family in your space. Try not to let it just become a room for entertainment. Draw everyone together for treats or get out a family board game and open up the floor. The more you allow this to happen, the more your personality, taste and touches will become a part of your house and your home. 

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