Review : Serene Surprises

My girls are incredibly excited for Christmas.  They are getting to that giddy running around phase and cannot wait to see what Father Christmas has brought them.  I however, am getting heavier and more tired and do not think the wet and cold weather is helping.  Yesterday a parcel arrived that just put a smile on my face, it was exactly what I needed.  A gift box from Serene Surprises.

I carefully unwrapped the packaging to reveal a wonderful surprise

Each Serene Surprises box is packed full of products with the intention of promoting good will, well-being, reduce stress and of course increase happiness.  The box I received had some beautiful creams, relaxing fair trade teas [caffeine free], foot massager and chocolate.  Whilst the box is not designed specifically for pregnant ladies, the chocolate helped my cravings and the foot massager is 100% needed at the moment.  My legs and feet are tired and swollen from daily life.

My Serene Surprises box certainly put a smile on my face and gave me a way to relax after a long day.  It really was a lovely surprise and at £15 per box for a one month box it would make a lovely gift.  Imagine putting a smile on a loved ones face with a Serene Surprises gift box, I know some people in my family who would love one.

Thank you to Serene Surprises for sending the November box to me, all words in this post are my own personal opinion. 

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