Just chilling

I have had very little energy today.  Perhaps a combination of a wonderful week away at Bluestone, combined with a long drive home full of detours and entering the third trimester of pregnancy has perhaps taken it out of me.  Either way I had very little energy today and a chill out day was needed.  It was decided a festive movie was in order this morning and the girls were introduced to Home Alone.

They could not stop giggling and found the whole film really funny.  After lunch we decided to continue and watch Home Alone 2.  The girls were just impressed.

After watching our films the girls wanted to make some presents for their friends for Christmas.  This was a perfect opportunity for them to use their My First Beading kit and make some bracelets for their friends,  

The kit contained everything the girls needed to make jewellery for their friends.  There was a huge variety of colourful beads and all that was missing in the box was imagination!  The girls had plenty of this and soon began discussing who they were making things for and what they would use.

Whilst the kit is aimed at children aged over 5 my youngest enjoyed making bracelets too.  My eldest concentrated really hard and thought about her designs.  They made 9 bracelets and a hair bobble in total.  Whilst the girls were getting ready for bed I made a bracelet for each of them too, which they both love.

I do love days when you can just chill and not have to worry about anything.  I think it was certainly needed after the amazing week we have just had.

This day I love just chilling

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