Essential Items To Take On A Family Camping Holiday

Taking your children on a camping holiday is an excellent experience. You get to spend time together in the great outdoors and get your kids excited about wildlife and outdoors. They are also great if you've got a tight budget but still want some time away to unwind. If you’ve never been on a camping holiday before you’re in for a real treat. 

A Gazebo

No matter where you decide to take your trip you can never predict the weather. Taking a gazebo with you will ensure your family is protected from the sun’s rays and the rain and wind. Not having one with you could result in you spending the majority of your time inside your tent, which can get very hot and cramped very quickly. Kit your gazebo out with a table and chairs so you can comfortably eat meals and play board games should the weather take a turn for the worst. You can visit  to find the right sized gazebo for your needs and requirements.

Antibacterial wipes

Children will always find a way to get messy. If your campsite does not have a sink nearby, it can be harder to keep them looking clean. While there’s not too much you can do with their clothing, you can keep their hands and face clean with some antibacterial wipes. These useful wipes will keep your family hygienically clean and are easy to use. Make sure you always use ones that are gentle on the skin but kill germs and bacteria effectively. You’ll be surprised how many you get through even during a short stay.

Pre-made food

Regardless of whether you’re staying in a local or foreign campsite, you are always going to need food. When booking your trip ask about restaurants and nearby supermarkets. If you arrive late at night or early in the morning, it’s likely you’ll want something quick without too much fuss. Cook a family favourite the night before you leave, that can be easily heated up when you arrive. Keep in Tupperware boxes and don’t forget to bring cutlery with you.

Blow-up mattress

Having a comfortable night’s sleep will make your trip far more enjoyable. The ground can be uneven and hard if you sleep without padding beneath you, and can also get cold and wet during the night. Not getting enough sleep can make everyone miserable and tired which is something you want to avoid. Having a blow-up mattress brings a more cosy feeling to the tent and improves the chances of your family sleeping straight through till morning. 

Many campsites holiday suppliers such as have a recommended check list of items that might be useful for your trip. The campsites themselves may also have some camping equipment available to hire for the duration of your stay. This is ideal if you don’t fancy taking loads of items back home with you. Always research and enquire about these services and information before buying.

Plan your trip in advance so you have enough time to source these essential items. Having them packed and ready to go will guarantee a brilliant experience for all of your family.

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