The Dangerous book for Granddads

My girls are very lucky that they not only have two Granddads but also two Granddads who love them and they have a close bond with.  They love their Granddads and love playing games with them.  As they have gotten older they are interacting more with their Granddads and discovering new ways to play.

The Dangerous book for Granddads contains 86 ideas for Granddads to get into mischief with their Grandchildren.  Not that my girls need much encouragement, but it is always wonderful to have new ideas to try.  The book, written by freelance author Jeremy Hobson, features many activities and skills from the past and also some new ones the Grandchildren can show Granddads.

Dangerous Book for Granddads

Whilst the book contains full colour pictures it is presented in such a way that is has an old scrapbook feel to it.  There are hints and tips on the pages and some very interesting points raised as well.  The Dangerous book for Granddads would make an excellent gift for Granddads everywhere.

Early this year the girls went Blackberry picking with their Granddad.  This book contains recipe for Blackberry Jam and well as identifying other plants outside.  The girls are also wanting to build a go cart with Granddad after watching the red bull races and the dangerous book for Granddads provides ideas and tips for them to do so.

The dangerous book for Granddads is sure to keep the girls busy when they visit Granddad!

I was sent a copy of the book in exchange for this post, all words are my own opinion 

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