Things for Thing 3

It has been a busy week this week for Thing 3.  Last week the paint from Farrow and Ball arrived for the nursery and we are hoping to paint before Christmas.  I ordered some flooring from Factory direct flooring and was really surprised when I had a phone call saying it was in stock and I could have it delivered the next day!  We haven't yet unboxed the flooring as I cannot lift the boxes but as soon as we have painted we will be putting the flooring down.  Things are slowly taking shape in the nursery. All we need in there now is a rug, which I am on the look out for.  After Christmas I will be making a video room tour of the finished nursery which I am really looking forward to sharing.

Perfect Prep - Tommee tippee

The perfect prep from tommee tippee offers convenience for making formula milk.  A hot shot kills any bacteria, followed by cooler water to make the perfect bottle in under 2minutes.  I can see the perfect prep to be a life saver for those night time feeds.  I attended the launch of the perfect prep a few years ago and was really impressed with it then.  I remember at the time that it would be on the top of my wish list should we ever have another baby.  I am really looking forward to putting the perfect prep to the test when Thing 3 arrives.

Mama Baby Bliss

Mama Baby Bliss offer nurturing and pamper products for Mums to be and their babies.  They have a full range of classes including baby massage and baby yoga and also offer pamper parties.  I received a sample of their 100% natural skin products to help soothe and relax.

At the moment I am in a great deal of pain and so sleeping is a huge issue.  The Mama Baby Bliss products have been a little bit of a life saver for me.  I can have a nice relax to help ease some of the pain I am in, which helps me to unwind.  Whilst I am not a sleep those few minutes to myself are really helping.

The Ooooh Bath soak is really relaxing and it contains essential oils which will help after birth too.  There is a wide range of products available both for antenatal and postnatal and some can be used on baby too.

Thank you Mama Baby Bliss for helping to relieve some of the pain I have been feeling recently.


Finally this week I want to say a big thank you to my friends!  My best friend has kindly given me a Moses basket and stand, changing mat and some clothes.  This is amazing as now Thing 3 has somewhere to sleep when they arrive.  One of my other friends kindly donated a play mat and another a baby chair.  I feel really lucky to have such amazing friends and feel things are slowly coming together for Thing 3. 

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