A birth plan for Thing 3

Writing a birth plan is never easy, how do you plan for something which seems to be impossible to plan for?  

Having had two children of which neither birth went to plan, as such, I am struggling this time around.  For both previous births I had wanted a water birth, and to be honest I still do, but both times I was told this was not possible as the pool had broken.  Therefore my birth plan with the girls went out the window.  

a new baby

I have had two completely different labours, one lasted 7 hours and the other an hour.  The first took 30 minutes of pushing and the second within 5 minutes, she did actually just pop out.  Neither needed assistance and both was on just gas and air.  

Which kind of raises the questions, How do I plan for this birth?

Rather than planning I have decided to look at this slightly differently, more a what I would like than a plan.

1. I would love to have a water birth.  Something I had planned for with the girls and never got, I feel like I missed out and am hoping this time will be my water baby.

2. I am open to any pain relief.  Seriously, I am not against pain relief if I need it.

3. Assisted delivery is fine with the exception of forceps.  

4. I would like a labour similar to my youngest, quick and with a short pushing phase

5. I had no stitches with the girls and would appreciate this time to be the same

6. I would like to be as mobile as possible and trust my instincts as to the best position to labour in

7. I would prefer not to have the injection to deliver the placenta

8. I would like delayed cord clamping

9. Skin to skin is important to me and I want my baby in my arms as soon as I can

Overall though I have one aim and that is to have my baby delivered safely by any means necessary.  As long as my baby and I leave the hospital fit and well, then whatever happens in between to achieve this happens.  

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