Summer of Love

Whenever we see a plane fly past the girls ask if it is going to Portugal.  They ask everyday if they can go back there, it is fair to say Portugal captured a place in their hearts.

Our holiday in Portugal was at the start of Summer, but the temperature was perfect.  Just hot enough that we could enjoy sitting out in the sun and make the most of family time together, but not so hot that we got too uncomfortable too quickly.  Portugal saw a close relationship form between the girls.  Laughing, playing and enjoying themselves out in the sunshine.

Portugal gave us all time to think, relax and unwind.  It gave us the time away from the everyday to forget all our troubles and worries and simply look ahead to the future.

We built some amazing memories

Portugal saw the girls grow in confidence and learn to trust themselves more.  It saw them try new things and discover new abilities.  

Portugal certainly stole a piece of our hearts, the perfect place for a family holiday.  We really do wish we were there.

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