A snow day

I sat in bed last night and watched the snow fall, knowing that should it settle I would have two very excited girls in the morning.  At 6.30 this morning I was woken to an excited voice shouting 'SNOW' as loud as they could.  My prediction of excitement could have been slightly underestimated.  The girls gazed out of the window in absolute awe of the snow.  

Today was one of those days when the girls just got dressed without messing around.  They were keen to get out in the snow, even if we had only a small amount.  Still some snow to them is better than no snow.

the girls on their sledges

We had huge squeals of delighted and lots of laughing from both girls as they played out in the snow.  They had snowball fights and made a snowman but their favourite was sitting in their sledges and zooming down the hill.

fun in the snow

They thoroughly enjoyed themselves playing out in the snow and came inside with red cheeks and big smiles.  

This day I love a snow day

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  1. what wonderful photos and the beams on their faces tell so much of the fun they had. We have a sledge just like this covered in dust in our shed. I think my teens would now break it if we ever had enough snow to dust it off, for now it remains on a peg in the shed and I look longingly at your lovely photos. Glad the girls managed an early start to enjoy the best of the freshly fallen snow. Fingers crossed for a little more before Spring comes in. Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids


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