The Glucose tolerance test

During my booking in appointment my midwife decided I would need to have a Glucose tolerance test at 28 weeks.  A GT test and not as I heard and G and T test, which would have been far more exciting.  At 28 weeks I heard nothing from the hospital and it was not until today, at nearly 33 weeks pregnant, that my glucose tolerance test took place.

I was a little apprehensive before the test, as in my mind I can not understand why it needs to be carried out.  I have no symptoms of diabetes and my HbA1c levels are completely within normal range.  Never the less I care about the safety and well being of Thing 3 and if they wish to perform said test than there has to be some logic behind it.

The letter from the hospital stated to fast from 11pm, nothing except water.  I was very very grumpy this morning when I could not have my breakfast.  The GT test took place in the hospital and whilst my appointment was at 9.10, I had to wait 40 minutes to be seen.  

The first part of the GT test involves a finger prick blood test, relatively painless and quick.  The next part involves a blood sample.  I am not sure what happened here as my arm would not stop bleeding.  I have had hundreds of blood tests and that has never happened before.  After the blood tests comes the interesting part.

Some hospitals give you an energy drink, Lucozade or flat cola to drink.  All of these I am allergic to, so I got given a gloopy syrup drink.  I say drink but it had the consistency of hair gel, including bubbles.  It glugged into the cup and had to be exactly 113ml to drink.  It had no smell and no taste, but the consistency was horrid.  The best solution is just to do your best and drink it, don't gulp as it makes you feel a bit sick.  After I had drunk it I was told that they could have given me jelly baby sweets instead, wish I had known in advance.  Then you wait for 2 hours.  2 more hours with no food and no drink.

Two hours later I returned to the hospital to have a further blood test.  This time my arm stopped bleeding straight away, and that was it all done.  I was even rewarded with a packet of biscuits.  Those biscuits have to have been the best thing ever, after fasting from 11pm, I finally got something to eat at 12.40pm!  I have been told that results are processed the same day, if there are any issues they will call me tomorrow and if I do not get a phone call everything is fine.  Fingers crossed no call tomorrow!

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