Home Flooring: Why Hardwood Floors Are A Perfect Choice

We have been saving for some time to replace the flooring in my eldest daughter bedroom and the room that is going to be the nursery.  When we moved the flooring was carpet one was black, which we could never get clean and the other cream but it was covered in stains.  We struggled for some time as to what to put down, hard wood flooring like the rest of the house or replace all of upstairs with the same carpet.  Eventually we decided upon hardwood flooring

Flooring does not come cheap. Whether you are going for carpet or tiles, or another option and to be honest, hardwood floors are no different.. Real hardwood floors shouldn't break the bank, a quick google search can list some affordable sellers, such as Ted Todd hardwood flooring

For us personally hardwood flooring looks fantastic.  The colour of the wood and the sheen of the surface make hardwood flooring the most aesthetically pleasing option on the market.  They just do not appear as stained or dirty as carpet can.  If you want style over substance, hardwood is a great choice.

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Unlike the majority of flooring options, hardwood floors are easy to clean. After all, they don’t have thick pieces of fabric that trap dust and dirt and, they don’t stain as easy because the surface is a lot smoother and harder to grip. At the end of the day, all you need to clean a hardwood floor is a spot of detergent and a mop. In fact, warm soapy water will be enough for most hardwood floors. 

Hardwood floors also cannot trap dust and bacteria like a carpet.  A carpet can easily play host to a variety of different bugs and viruses that can repopulate the house. At the very least, a dirtier carpet can affect the air quality in your house, which can be hazardous to your health.  With my eldest daughter suffering with eczema we wanted to ensure her skin was given the best chance it could be given in order to stay eczema free.

The house suddenly feels a lot cleaner now we have removed the old carpets and replaced with hardwood floors.  I love how our house is becoming our home, with our personality. 

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