Starting to nest

I seem to reached that point in my pregnancy where I have begun nesting.  I am wanting to clean everywhere all the time.  When I say everywhere I really do mean everywhere, currently on my list for tomorrow is the oven and the fridge.  I plan to clean the floors at the weekend and also have a real urge to tidy out the girls wardrobes.

Regardless of if I am pregnant or not, I always want things done the right way.  I always try wherever possible to use the most ecological products, as with my daughter suffering with eczema I do not want something to trigger off a reaction.  Greener cleaner are a company which appear to match my belief.  They offer greener cleaning solutions without compromise.

Greener cleaner manufacture an eco-fiendly material called eco-flex, which is 50% wood pulp and 50% recycled plastic.  This material forms the parts needed to make the brushes, brooms and wipers.  The cleaning solutions are also made from 100% natural & sustainable ingredients and are not tested on animals.  

Greener cleaner

There can be many misconceptions with ecological cleaning products.  Often it is feared that the cleaning power is not as good as a more chemical based product.  It is also perceived that products made from a more sustainable source can be more brittle and not last as long.  I was keen therefore to find out if Greener cleaner could live up to my standards and how well they performed

The Greener cleaner products feel really strong and sturdy and perform just as well as non ecological products.  They have less of a plastic looking shine to them, which I really like.  I really love that I can keep my house clean in a ecological way.  Greener cleaner have certainly helped with my nesting instincts!

Greener cleaner are offering 1 reader the chance to win a prize bundle of Greener cleaner products worth around £30! For your chance to win, and for the full terms and conditions, see the widget below!

Greener Cleaner

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  1. Anything to make cleaning easier

  2. Lovely bundle to help keep on top of those chores!

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