34 weeks!

The final week of January and I turn 34 weeks!  

I got my letter today to confirm my 36 week scan appointment, and it is at this appointment that they will make a decision when and if to induce me.  It is slightly scary to think that in 2 weeks Thing 3 could be here!

The Dr are still monitoring my Iron levels but at the moment it is to continue on the same course of treatment.  Physio have left me on an open consultation as there is nothing further they can do until baby arrives.  I have to go back once Thing 3 arrives and we can begin repair work on the damage to my muscles, and hopefully my hips will stay in place also.

Braxton hicks are coming faster and closer together, there also seems to be a lot of downward force.  I have been woken in the middle of the night with leg cramps which are so painful but all part of the later stages of pregnancy.

Thing 3 is also getting more and more active, which is something I am really going to miss.  I do get a feeling that they are trying to engage but are having issues doing so, I may discuss this with my midwife this week.

I think we are now ready for the arrival of Thing 3, the car seat arrived as did the pushchair and whilst I may not be ready I am getting excited, as are the girls!

34 weeks pregnant

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