Things for Thing 3

It has been a rather exciting time for Thing 3.  All at once things seem to be arriving, from the less exciting things like nappy liners for my washable nappies and of course the disposable nappies to some really exciting items!

Babyzen Yoyo

We sold or gave away all of our baby items so had no pushchair for Thing 3, well unless you include BOB but as that is a double and not suitable until 6 months it was not something we could use straight away.  With my tummy muscles torn and hips displaced I decided that one of my priorities in a pushchair was that it would be lightweight.  I do not know how long it will take me to recover after Thing 3 arrives and I so a light weight pushchair was a must.

Babyzen yoyo

We are also planning a family holiday to Florida, we were supposed to be going this year but due to fly on my due date so we had to reschedule, and I wanted something we could take with us.  I did a lot of research into different systems and the Babyzen YoYo ticked all of our boxes.

I have purchased this pushchair and not been sent it to review, however I may well write a review on it as I absolutely love it so far.  It is incredibly light weight and has a really small fold, it is actually cabin approved for most airlines.  I love how easy it is to fold and unfold, and whilst I won't use it as a running pushchair I will be using it as my every day pushchair.  I cannot wait for Thing 3 to arrive!

Brother Max Thermometer

The Brother Max is a 6 in 1 contact less thermometer, and I think it is fantastic.  I remember the struggles of having to take a temperature from a wriggly baby and never getting an accurate reading.  The thermometer is so easy to use, simply press the forehead button and point.  It takes the temperature and displays the reading.  

Brother Max thermometer

In addition you can also take the temperature of the room, food, milk, bath water and skin.  All contact less so you could get an idea if something was too hot before using it or giving it to your child.  Whilst for Thing 3, I can see this getting used for the whole family.  The girls have been taking the temperatures of everything they can think of and think it is lots of fun.  I will be sharing a full review and a video soon!  

Sam the Sleepy Sheep

My girls take ages to go to sleep, in fact we started bedtime at 6pm it is now 10.15 and I still have one awake [my eldest].  Once they are asleep they do stay asleep though which I guess is a bonus.  I am hoping Thing 3 does not behave the same way and is actually a good sleeper.

Sam the Sleepy Sheep is a story that has been designed using language patterns to help children relax and feel tired.  The book comes with instructions at the start which took me a while to get used to, I did have to read the book a few times out loud without the girls just to get used to how to read the story.  You can also get the story on audio book if you prefer.

Sam the sleepy sheep

My eldest at 5 cannot seem to switch off and for her she wants to read the book with me.  She does not yet seem to be capable of just lying and listening to the story, so as of yet I do not know if it would work on her.  My youngest however will lie back and listen.  The story does seem to have a calming property on her and when we do read the book bedtime is much quicker and easier.  

We do not read Sam the Sleepy Sheep every night, as the girls like to vary the stories they have read and to be honest some nights I myself am just too tired to read a longer story and perhaps put the emphasis that is needed with this book.  On the nights we do read it, I can say that it does really help my youngest to unwind.

When Thing 3 arrives I hope to read the book to them too to help them to drift off to a good nights sleep.

Kiddy evolution pro 2

This week has been incredibly exciting as the other item to arrive is the car seat!  I originally wanted a car seat that would lie flat in the car, however this was not possible as they did not fit in my car.  It is always important to test the car seats first as not all seats fit every car.  I also have two other car seats in my car for each of the girls and have to fit Thing 3 car seat around these.  

Kiddy car seat

The Kiddy evolution pro 2 can allow baby to lie flat outside of the car, so if I ever did decide to take the car seat out of the car I could make use of the lie flat feature.  We have practised putting it in the car and it is incredibly easy to install.  There are so many safety features, the newborn inlay feels incredibly padded and soft and I love the extending sun canopy.  Cannot wait to bring Thing 3 home in it and I will be writing a full review too.

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  1. Buying baby things is so exciting, looks like you have some great items for thing 3 :D


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