Wonderful Ways To Preserve Your Child's Memories

My youngest daughter found a teddy at the back of my wardrobe.  It was a black elephant.  This raised a lot of questions from her about why I had this teddy.  My Grandad won it for me at a school fayre when I was very little, around 6 I think.  Seeing the elephant made me remember that night, having pie and peas and then him winning it for me.

Some of the items from the girls childhood I have also kept.  They each have a special memory box where we keep things.  Things they have won or created.   The one thing we have a lot of, and I am not complaining, is artwork.  The girls seem to create lots and come home with many from school.  I came across a great way to preserve your kids’ childhoods from a fairly unlikely source, Geoffrey Ricardo, an Australian artist  He came up with a charming way of printing the image of a soft toy onto craft paper. Click here to see how he does it.

As you can tell from my other posts on parenting, my blog is a way of capturing my precious moments as Mummy to my girls.  I love to capture their moments not only online but off screen too.  They capture their memories by drawing and my eldest writes stories.  Thanks to the Internet, there’s now a cool way to preserve these masterpieces indefinitely. Etsy user Formiadesign runs a business where you can have your child’s drawings made into key rings. Although a bit pricey, they’ll be worth decades of smiles, and more unique than a lot of other mementos.

With the blog I also take lots of photos of the girls and whilst I store them to look at on the computer, nothing quite beats holding a photo and looking at it away from the computer screen.  Keeping all those photos together and safe can sometimes be difficult, but there are some lovely handmade photo albums to be found online. When you have one of these, your irreplaceable pictures will be stored in a unique and aesthetically beautiful way.

As my children grow up I seem to find myself looking more at the things in the memory box and reading more posts on the blog.  Trying to remember all those little things.  I cannot believe we will soon be welcoming another addition to our family and creating even more precious moments. 

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