Special occasions, a time saving guide

Fulfilling the family's needs in the best way can be challenging. When you are a working parent and still try managing some time to yourself, the balance can be delicate to handle. Nevertheless, it is absolutely worthwhile. Days go by completing task after task and no minute is left to be bored.

When the unexpected happens or when we have to plan for a big occasion, it can be often tricky to manage our time effectively.  We are all busy, but adding an extra element in the mix can sometimes upset the delicate, well balanced routine,

ready for the party

Sometimes you are in need of a little gift inspiration to choose the perfect present and this therefore requires some thought. The best way to sort this out quickly is to think about who we will be buying the gift for. Recalling some personal details that also connect that person to us will be useful. Deciding then for a smart, personable gift rather than a random one, is always the best choice. It is always preferable to pick a small, tailored gift instead of a bigger, foregone one that could easily become a duplicate.

This would also be a good time to decide if you really have nothing appropriate to wear for the occasion and make a brief stop to your favourite clothes shop to pick up a new fabulous outfit.  Remember to keep it simple and elegant. Choose something comfortable since you will probably be running around, chasing the kids, like a mini-dress/leggings combo, opting for neutral colours like black, cream and burgundy to give it a classy twist. If the special occasion is a simple, casual dinner you could decide to wear the leggings with an oversize, monochrome sweater. Finish the look with a pair of mid-heeled boots, in order to be smart looking while still totally at ease!

After sorting the present and your outfit it is then time to sort the card, something I always forget and leave until the last minute.  I always think it is lovely to receive a handmade or personalised card, but this cannot be done at the last minute.  Now the children are a little older they take responsibility for writing out the cards, which means I can get on with wrapping the presents.

Another nice idea to have on these occasions is to send some flowers to your host. This could also back you up in case some family issue prevents you from going to the party at the last minute. It is always an appreciated gesture and it will set you apart from everyone else with a touch of class. With such a tight schedule the best thing would be to visit a flower delivery site offering same-day delivery service. Such sites display a variety of bouquets for you to choose effortlessly from home.

Once everything is sorted the next step is dressing the kids.  Dress them accordingly to the situation but remember they will be playing with the other kids. Pants, shirts, and fashionable trainers are always the best choice for them to enjoy.  Once they are up and ready it will be time for you and your partner to get dressed. You might want to have an entertaining but short activity for your kids to keep busy while you are getting ready or alternatively one of you gets ready whilst the other gets the kids ready.  That way you each take it in turn to entertain the children whilst the other is getting ready.

Decide, according to the event you will be going to, if the kids should have their dinner at home or if they will be fine dining with you at the party. Sometimes kids don't like the buffet foods grownups are so fond of, so getting something in their tummy before you go is always a good idea.

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