A woodland party on a rainy day

The wind was blowing a gale outside, the cold rain lashed against the windows and we desperately needed some colour and fun injecting into the weekend

There was only one thing for it, our Orchard Toys Woodland Party floor puzzle.  With 70 pieces this was perfect for the girls on this miserable weekend.  Bright and colourful pieces, and lots happening in the picture.  First we had to sort the pieces.

Sorting puzzles pieces can be great for little minds.  Discussing which pieces have bumps and which have a straight edge.  Finding the magic corners and which pile do we think will be the biggest?  Once sorted we began piecing together the edges.

The box states age 4 -7, my youngest is nearly 4 and could manage the puzzle with supervision, my eldest at 5 had no problems.  The pieces are a lovely size for small hands

My youngest managed to do most of the edges herself.  The picture on the box not only helped but it showed the shape of the piece and the image on each piece which meant she could match them up easier.

Once the edges were complete, the girls worked together to fill in the puzzle.  They began asking each other for pieces, 'Can you see the blue trousers?' 'Where is the piece with the cake on?'  It was lovely listening to them and watching them work together to complete the puzzle

As they were building they were discussing the puzzle together, 'look another fox' 'Oh, I can see a fox here too'. 

It was not long before there was only one piece left!

After completing the puzzle, the girls began talking about what they could see.  They decided that there was a game of hide and seek happening, and the girl was very good at handstands but not as good as them.  They counted the squirrels and the badgers.  We then decided to play 'I Spy' with the puzzle.  My youngest has recently got to grips with phonics and so it was wonderful listening to her think about the start of words and even attempting to sound some words out.

Long after the puzzle was completed the girls were still playing and talking about what they could see.  Pointing out different things as they found them.  It took them a while though to find the squirrel taking photos!

It was really lovely watching the girls work together to complete the puzzle.  It encouraged them to share and to talk to each other.  I also loved that the puzzle continued long after it was finished and the they continued to spot different things happening in the picture, to encourage their imagination.  

We were sent the Orchard Toys Woodland Party puzzle for review, all words are my own opinion. 

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