Updating the girls bedrooms without redecorating

As my girls get older their individual personalities begin to show more.  I love watching them change and develop, from babies to toddlers to little girls.  As they grow their tastes begin to change and from liking everything pink they now like everything blue.  I think mainly influenced by the blue dress that Elsa wears.

As they grow and start to form their own opinions they want more personalised spaces in their bedrooms.  It is however not very economical or practical to decorate every time they discover a new like, but what can be done simply and easily is add wall stickers to add personalisation.

My eldest daughter is currently having her room decorated, it was done nearly 4 years ago when she was 2 years old and so is very much in need of a refresh.  We have just changed the flooring in her room to a wooden floor, which hopefully will help with her eczema, and are now wanting to update the walls.  The walls are going to be kept neutral and we intend on having a nature theme, as she loves the outdoors.  One of her walls has been painted different to the others in order to create a feature wall, and we intend on using a nature themed sticker to create this feature in her room.  Her favourite is this one:

nature wall sticker

I have to admit to really liking it too, as it not only is in keeping with the theme it will also last her as she grows.

My youngest daughter does not need her bedroom painting but she could do with the theme of her room updating, as it is currently very nursery orientated.  Her loves at the minute are butterflies and birds but yet would not want a nursery sticker.  The sticker would need to be more tailored towards a child.  

What is great about wall stickers is that you can lay them out on the wall in your own design.  Even though the design might be similar to this

butterfly wall sticker

We could choose not to use the cat sticker and reposition the butterflies on her wall in our own pattern.  This would make for a perfect design for my youngest

Wall stickers are a great way to add a touch of personalisation to a room, in an economical way.  They can be changed as often as needed which is perfect for children as they grow up and their tastes change. 

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